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8Q Dream Supreme Zero G Position

Get to know our DreamCell Mattress

Sore back? Side sleeper? Have a partner who likes a different firmness than you? No problem. Our custom mattress features 200+ firmness zones customized to suit the differing needs of both partners in one bed.

Dream Cells

The firmness you want, exactly where you want it

DreamCell™ latex foam springs come in four firmness levels: extra soft (pink), soft (blue), medium (green) and firm (yellow). They can be configured to match the firmness preferences of both partners and to micro-target specific support areas. Would you like to learn more? Call us today!

Dream Cells

Fits you now, fits you later

A Reverie mattress adapts to your ever-changing life. Should your sleep preferences change at any time, or if you have an injury, you can simply unzip the mattress cover and re-arrange the DreamCell foam springs.

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Massage every night? You could get used to this.

Our three-wave massage delivers the ultimate in soothing comfort from head to toe. Relax tense muscles and reduce stress with a gentle, full-body massage and fall asleep faster.

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"Everything about it, we love ...
I never thought that I would have a full night’s sleep."
– Pat and Jay, customers

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"It’s really changed our lives. It really has.
More people just need to know about the bed."
– Jeanne and Joe, customers

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"I slept for nine hours ...
I don’t think I’ve ever in my life slept that long."
– Elijah Mohammed, Professional Athlete

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101 Night Promise
101 Night Promise
101 Night Promise